About Us

The Pangea platform sits at the cross-section of two megatrends:

Network effects in the digital age are changing the nature of scale. Communities and market intelligence along with the curation of this data and experience are now fundamental to compete.

Diversity and sustainability are changing the nature of work. Talent is scarce and distributed, and companies’ buying processes are localizing.

Our Approach

When a business needs to scale fast it plugs into the Pangea growth platform.

We work with companies to understand their go-to-market opportunities. We then build the right teams drawing from our global network of best-in-class talent. We complement these teams with data, leadership, and tools to enable their success. As such we remove the normal constraints when scaling internationally. We provide organizations with control, speed, and quality – at scale.

Our Leadership Team

Marc Baumgartner

and Co-founder

Front Side
Will Hackett


Front Side
Matthew Gowen


Front Side