Commercial Intelligence
for Effective Go-To-Market

Proxima reveals the hidden network and the last mile intelligence
for revenue teams to sell more/better/faster


Specially Built For


Proxima is specifically designed for revenue teams selling to the global Life Sciences
and Financial Services markets.

Industry Specific Commercial Insights
and Know-How

Market Map

Market Map offers a comprehensive overview of the total addressable market by region and size.

Knowledge Hub

The Knowledge Hub is a helpful market specific repository of commercial assets and unique knowhow for revenue teams.


Access will be released for subscription soon and will provide an overview of market dynamics, account insights, competitive threats by domain area, and commercial knowhow.

Expert Network

Expert Network provides a detailed view of the key players operating within a target market.

Why We Built It

“We’ve cracked the code of go to market. Proxima represents a genuine step change in how revenue teams will engage with their market and the ecosystem wrapped around an account.”

Marc Baumgartner
Pangea CEO & Co-founder

“Pangea’s deep industry specific network and how we organise the ecosystem’s expertise and experience has enabled us to unlock game changing insights and partnership synergies in sales territories and accounts.”

Will Hackett
FinTech SVP

“Proxima can help sales leaders in seconds understand which companies to target, who to partner with, the competitive landscape, and who can help get a deal done. Last mile deal support!”

Matthew Gowen
Life-Sciences SVP